an empty space into a functional room"

A loft Room adds space to your home which is a great solution for a family who needs an extra bedroom, or for someone who wants office space. This will mean adding value to your lifestyle as well as adding to your property’s value at a fraction of the building costs. Building a loft room can decrease you building cost per square meter by up to R 1500/m2.

The reason that loft conversions are often cheaper on a price per square meter basis than conventional building is that much of the structure you need is already in place. The space is there, you’re not adding an additional room, you have one in your roof already! Just use the space and turn it into a magnificent loft room.

If we’re true to ourselves we all would love more space with our homes wouldn’t you agree? There are numerous ways to increase the space within your home but with loft conversions there are several great benefits, one being cost saving. Don’t just take it from us. Market research has suggested your home can increase by 20% with adding space like this to your property at minimal costs.

There are huge cost saving benefits from building a loft room. You will be increasing the floor space of your home at a fraction of the cost. On average, your home value can increase by around R400 000 –R 450 000 without the additional building costs.This is the one type of home improvement that can add so much to your property that costs so comparatively little. Once the conversion is built you can make money back on it immediately by renting the new space out to a student or lodger.

With a loft conversion it’s not just that extra room you gain – a well-planned conversion can provide additional storage underneath your new stairs and decrease the strain on the rest of the rooms in your home as well.

What’s more, by using ‘dead’ space to create a room, conversions do not eat into your home’s invaluable outside space as extensions can.