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Midlands Homes and Developers have been involved in the  building of homes on the magnificent River Goose Estate in Howick.

Come and visit the sales office on River Goose Estate

River Goose Estate is one of the most beautiful Estate sites we have ever seen. It is situated approximately 20 minutes from Pietermaritzburg’s CBD, the site also forms part of the Midlands Meander as it is located within the precinct of Howick in the province of Kwa-Zulu Natal.


The Howick area, with its ideal climatic and environmental conditions, is perfect for the location for an estate which encompasses indigenous grassland with a beautiful river, and is in close proximity to schools, hospitals and shopping centres. Hence, the creation of “River Goose Estate”.


Individual home owners are encouraged to include portions of their property into the “green belt”, which will enhance an inside/outside relationship with the environment. Each building will be designed around the natural topography of the site and positioned in such a way as to maximize the spectacular views of the open space and the river. The site has an exceptional aspect which is north-facing and is thus bathed in afternoon sun.

Nearly forty percent of the site will remain “green” and this is what makes the development so unique. The primary objective is to create an environment in which the experience of daily life is enhanced by interaction with the natural setting of the indigenous grassland. This sensitive integration of buildings into the natural environment will result in their co-existence and ultimately in the long-term regeneration of the existing eco-system.

Rehabilitation work to reinstate indigenous plants will be undertaken in the development to create natural boundaries between plots. The careful positioning and maintenance of avenues of trees together with, bush and ground cover, will provide the density and privacy required, thereby negating the need for high boundary walls between plots.

The buildings will be designed as functional components, allowing plants to grow into the spaces. Separation between the interior and exterior will be blurred, while maximizing every building’s view of both the Estate and the surrounding grassland.

Come and visit the Sales Office on River Goose Estate

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